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The perfect car deserves the finest, best-in-class Tesla aftermarket accessories from across the web. We only select highest rated (> 4 star) accessories which are curated by our editorial staff from Amazon, eBay and other stores. We also bring the choicest of Elon’s tweets to Life through our merchandise!

Our Mission

We believe we are living in the times of positive disruption and progressive transition, as the new world order replaces the old. Our mission is to actively participate in the process, by educating and creating awareness about the advantages of clean electric energy to power our vehicles. 

We are optimistically zealous in our mission to spread the word in support of Tesla electric cars. We do have vested interest in the success of the iconic electric car brand and we are literally putting money where our mouth is by being TSLA shareholders since 2016 and Model X owners since 2017.

*Teslastore.co is not affiliated with or endorsed by Tesla. It is neither inferred nor implied that products sold by our store are authorized by or in any way connected to Tesla.



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