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When it comes to some famous personalities in the world, Elon Musk’s name is always at the top. He is an Avant-Garde who is trying to revolutionize not only the earth but also space.

He is the owner of the two leading firms in the world, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX. Tesla is providing electric cars to the world, paving the way with only electric-powered vehicles for a greener world in the future while providing power and innovation to them.

On the other hand, SpaceX has become a pioneer in the space research industry. The company has aimed for colonizing people outside of earth with sustainability. Elon has a vision that if humanity has to survive, they need to become a species that live on multiple planets.

Elon had also Co-founded the electronic payment company, PayPal. PayPal has become one of the biggest names in the world, making it easy for people to share money securely. PayPal is one of the earliest electronic payment systems that are still present.

However, other than tech and innovation, Musk is also famous for his cameos in movies and television series as well as his witty tweets. Musk has been seen doing cameos in various movies, including some of the most popular Marvel movies. He has also been seen doing cameos in popular TV serials like “The Big Bang Theory”. Elon loves doing cameos.

His tweets are full of wit, humor, and sarcasm. You would either laugh reading some of his popular tweets or get motivated to do something productive in life. Several thousands of people are fans of these tweets and love to see them coming from the philanthrope. So, why not try out the tweet merchandise? Below are some of the best Elon Musk tweet merchandise you would love to own.

1. Mugs

Mugs turn out to be a great option when you are looking for merchandise related to the tweets of Elon Musk. These coffee mugs have some of the most hilarious or motivational tweets posted by Elon, printed on them.

These mugs are a great option for you if you are looking to gift someone. You can gift the mug in a house-warming party, small get together, or sometimes even on the birthdays. These mugs are sturdy enough to withstand the heat of the microwave and are dishwasher safe, saving you efforts of washing it with your hands.

The prints present on the mugs are pretty prominent, which won’t come off. These mugs would be present with their user whenever they are drinking tea, coffee, or something else, reminding them of the love with which you have gifted it to them.

The mugs are:

-> Made from ceramic. To keep the beverage hot yet allow its easy handling.

-> Flaunt some of the best tweets by Elon, making it evidence of Elon’s wits and humor.

-> Safe to be used in the microwave and could be cleaned using a dishwasher.

The option of getting your favorite print imprinted on the mug is also there. If you want something that has the tweets of the legend turned into a science and technology-based fine artwork, then these mugs are perfect for you.

2. Clothing

A plethora of men’s and women’s clothing options could be seen if you are looking to buy Elon Musk’s tweet merchandise. The clothing options are mostly unisex with certain gender-specific items. These clothing items would look great in your closet and are going to help you establish a style statement when you wear it. Some of the most popular clothing items are,

  • Hoodies

 Hoodies could be your go-to option if you are looking for something that gives you a cozy feel and is stylish at the same time.

They are a perfect option for a cool evening or morning. These hoodies are made up of the best material available online while giving you the style you desire. These hoodies are perfect for you because,

-> They are made up of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester, making it a great material for your skin.

-> All the hoodies are furnished to have a hood which is doubled-line.

->The stitching which is in the hoodies is double-needled.

-> The yarn used in making the hoodies is spun with air-jet. This provides a soft feel to the hoodies with minimal piling.

-> The waistband of the hoodies is furnished with spandex, which makes it durable. Whereas the cuffs are knit with a 1×1 athletic rib.

-> You would get front pouch pockets in the hoodies to keep some of your accessories in it.

These hoodies have the wittiest tweets and motivational quotes tweeted by Elon Musk rubber impression on them, which makes them a must-have for the fans of the famous innovator and visionary.

  • Classic Sweatshirts

If you are looking for a wearable that would keep you warm, yet doesn’t seem baggy, then sweatshirts are your best bet. These apparels are a must for you in chilly weather with the soft and warm touch they provide.

These sweatshirts would look great on you with their classic fit design. Add them in your wardrobe now, because

-> They are made up of an equal proportion of polyester and cotton, making them good for your skin and warm at the same time.

-> These sweatshirts are pre-shrunk to avoid further shrinking when you wash them after buying.

-> They have no crease in the center and are going to fit perfectly in your body with their classic fit design.

-> The collar would be a 1×1 athletic rib knit and would be furnished with spandex.

-> There would be next to no piling in these hoodies as they would be made with yarn which would be air-jet spun.

-> The collars, armholes, cuffs, shoulders and the hem would be double-stitched to provide extra strength to it.

  • Crop sweatshirts

These apparels are available for only females. They add style with comfort and present the perfect blend of fashion for you. They are very soft on the skin and the neckline of these crop sweatshirts adds to the style.

You would feel like a fashion persona when you flaunt the raw hem of the clothing. Some must-see aspects of the apparel are,

-> The material is airlume combed for about 52 percent with ring-spun cotton and about 48 percent of poly fleece. This gives the clothing its soft and warm feel.

-> The body of the sweatshirt is cropped making it look more stylish, while the raw hem would give you a fashion magazine star look to you whenever you will wear it.

-> The necklines and the cuffs of the apparel would be ribbed crew.

-> Shoulders would be dropped for giving some extra style.

-> Sides of the sweatshirt would be seamed.

  • T-shirts

Get some of the most comfortable T-shirts as merchandise. These T-shirts would be great for you if you are looking to carry a casual look. They have a very soft feel to them and are light in weight, making you feel that you have worn nothing.

In addition to this, the T-shirts have an appropriate amount of stretch present in them, providing you comfort as well as fit. The tweets printed on the T-shirt are high in quality with minimal possibility of wearing off.

You could get two types of T-shirts, premium, and standard, read below to know the difference.

Premium T-shirts

Some key features of the premium T-shirts you could find are,

-> They are made up of ring-spun cotton and are combed.

-> The weight of the fabric used to make the T-shirts is usually 142 grams, making it light.

-> The fabric has been pre-shrunk, minimizing any possibility of further shrinking when you have bought it.

-> The T-shirts are taped from shoulder-to-shoulder.

-> The sides of the T-shirts are seamed.

It should be noted that the T-shirts which are heather-colored are containing 48 percent polyester and are combed by 52 percent, while the T-shirts that are ash-colored have 1 percent polyester in them and are 99 percent combed. Other than them, the black and athletic colored T-shirts are containing about 10 percent of polyester with 90 percent cotton, which is ring-spun and combed. In addition to these, the Heather Prism color of the T-shirts has just 1 percent of polyester added to the T-shirts and has 99 percent of the ring-spun cotton.

However, all the T-shirts, irrespective of their fabric composition would feel great on your skin and be highly breathable.

Standard T-shirts

These T-shirts are a bit heavier than your premium T-shirts. They are also a bit thicker than them. However, it should not be denied that these T-shirts are also soft and comfortable to wear. These T-shirts are,

-> Made up of 100 percent ring-spun cotton.

-> Are pre-shrunk.

-> Have taping from shoulder-to-shoulder.

-> The weight of the fabric is just 153 grams.

-> Have no center crease as the quarter is turned.

-> The stitching is on the neckline and the sleeves are double which adds durability and sturdiness to the clothing.

It should be noted that the sports grey T-shirts comprise 10 percent of polyester and 90 percent of ring-spun cotton in it. Besides this, the dark heather T-shirts is having 35 percent of cotton and 65 percent of polyester in it.

All of these clothing items are made from the best quality materials and using the most eco-friendly processes. All of them would be flaunting Elon Musk’s tweets on them.

The merchandise store of tesla provides an extensive collection of different products. With regular new arrivals, the merchandise available on the store would help you stay updated on lifestyle and fashion. You could get several products having the brand name of the firm which delivers an assurance of quality and class.

The apparels present in the store are made using only natural materials. The fabric is soft, skin-friendly, and breathable which would feel like a part of your skin. With the branding of the company, you could flaunt your love and support for the brand. The apparels are available in all the common sizes and standard colors.

These merchandises are made from only high-quality materials ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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