3Tray Tesla Premium Center Console Organizer

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 The tray is Precisely designed to fit in Tesla Model 3 center-console in front of the cupholder.

#2 It can be used to organize glasses, chapsticks, coins, ID badges, and much more.

#3 The tray sits low enough for the cover to close but leaves ample storage space


≡ ONLY ‘Tesla Accessories’ is selling authentic items. All other sellers have fake versions.
≡ Precision designed to fit in Tesla Model 3 center console in front of cup holder
≡ Organize glasses, chapstick, coins, ID badges and much more
≡ Tray sits low enough for cover to still close but above items in the bottom of compartment to maximize storage space
≡ Interior surfaces feature a lux textured rubber coating to prevent items from sliding or rattling. Sleek matte black ABS to match the interior materials

1 review for 3Tray Tesla Premium Center Console Organizer

  1. Tim

    Fits my sunglasses perfectly! Love the fit in my console and the ease of lifting it out to get to the compartment below. Nice finish, perfect fit. More useful than the one that comes with the car. Also blocks the light of a thumb drive without having to close the bin. I highly recommend it!

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