Dashboard Cap Cover Matte Black

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1   The dashboard cap is custom-made only for Tesla Model 3 but it fits Model Y vehicles as well. It takes less than 10minutes to install.

#2   It covers the original wooden dashboard and enhances the appeal of the interiors of your car.

#3   The cap is made of ABS plastic with a black matte finish making the product durable and strong. The items weigh 1.1 pounds and the package dimensions are 28.8 x 5 x 2.2 inches.


Custom-designed: The dashboard cap has been custom-cut specifically for model 3. Fit all Tesla Model 3 Vehicles.
Great Decoration: The Model 3 dashboard cup covers up the original TESLA wood dashboard. Make your Tesla Model 3 interior unique and more distinctive.
Strong Material: Made from durable black ABS plastic. Sturdy and durable than instead of cheap vinyl.
Easy to Install: Just clean the wood surface off, and peel off the double sided adhesive tape cover, and place it over your dashboard. Less 10 Minutes to install.
Model 3 Accessories: Fit very snug over your current stock dashboard. Great Accessories for your Tesla Model 3. Make your Tesla Model 3 stand out.

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3 reviews for Dashboard Cap Cover Matte Black

  1. Penny Francis

    Easy to install. Looks great. But a little short in the middle. I was pleasantly surprised to receive this thick ABS plastic carbon fiber looking cover for my Tesla model 3 dash and I’m happy to report that it looks wonderful and it makes the car look better on the inside.

  2. Tamera

    Looks great. 5 mints install, looks better than the stock dash. It comes in two parts – one for the driver and another for the passenger side. The screen will block the tiny gap in the middle so you won’t notice any gap in between. Great cover for your dashboard and protect your wood trim as well.

  3. Francie R

    It was fairly easy to install, I simply peeled off the double-sided tape and applied pressure and it seems to hold rather well. I guess I’ll know more next summer to see if anything comes loose. I am going to wrap vinyl over it so this will be a great solution for removable cover instead of sticking vinyl directly on the wood.

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