Car Aero Wheel Center Hub Cap Cover Price: $36.25 (as of 31/07/2020 15:51 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 The cap cover fits only 18 inches wheel enabled with super cool LED embedded lights. The levitation technology conjures the motor speed up providing power and dynamic suspension design to enhance brightness.

#2 No worries about damage due to dust or rain as the sealing performance soars high with a waterproof and dust proof resistance.

#3 Hub cap is mirror finished and has an acrylic tint to elevate the toughness and shine. High-quality ABS materials bring along firm installations and good sealing.


►ONLY FITS 18-INCH WHEEL, Super Cool LED flashlight for Tesla 3 / X / S hub caps, Magnetic levitation technology, speed do up, motor runs, provide power, lights on, Dynamic suspension design, 8 high power LEDs ensures the brightness
►Waterproof and dustproof design,good sealing performance, excellent waterproof and dustproof function, and can be used normally in rainy days. There is no need to worry about car wash or rain damage to damage the internal parts of the hub light.
►High-quality materials,Made of high-quality metal & ABS material, with high toughness and hardness, corrosion resistance, firm installation and good sealing. The surface of the hubcap is mirror-finished and uses high-quality acrylic to protect the color from fading.
►Simple installation, According to the original car mold design, high precision, accurate buckle design, plug-in installation, just put it into the installation position and press it hard to complete, The installation effect is very firm.
►Just steps to make your Tesla motors more technical and cool, Open the package, get the screwdriver,and carefully pry the original wheel cover;Wipe the wheel cover position with a rag and attach the magnetic wheel cover to your wheel ,done.

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