Dashcam and Sentry USB Drive

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 The dashcam is pre-configured for Tesla cars with 128 GB 3.1 USB drive.

#2 The dashcam is manufactured to be compatible with Tesla Models S and X till August 2017. The dashcam is compatible with all Tesla Model 3.

#3 The dashcam allows sentry mode for Tesla as well. All that is required is the drive to be plugged in. The boxed product weight is 22.7g.


Pre-formatted and Pre-configured 128GB USB 3.1 drive for Tesla Dashcam
Configured to work with the Model S, Model X manufactured after August 2017, and all Model 3
Enables Sentry Mode for your Tesla
USB 3.1 Drive for Superior Reliability
Plug-and-record. All you need to do is plug it in

2 reviews for Dashcam and Sentry USB Drive

  1. Ross

    The drive is easy to use and works really well. This device was really handy. The videos are recorded directly onto the USB drive and record from three angles simultaneously: the front facing camera (what I see when I drive) and two backward-facing cameras on the left and right sides of the car.
    The videos are recorded in the mp4 format which plays on all devices. I can plug the drive into my laptop where I can view and save the videos. The Telsa also lets you tap the red circle on the screen in the car, which saves important videos as you drive. Otherwise the old videos are overwritten by new videos.

  2. Deva Mitran

    I ordered it, got it in the mail the next day, plugged it into my Tesla Model 3, then a red icon appeared on my screen and my drives were being recorded. This drive does not need formatting and is plug and play. HOWEVER, 32GB is only good for 4-7 days worth of recording. Now with Version 10 software, Tesla-cam records from a 4th camera in the rear, so this may only last 3 days. Think upgrading to max capacity because what if you get in a wreck & and your drive is full…

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