Trailer Hitch Receiver


Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 With the help of this hitch-receiver, you can pull a trailer, bike rack, or even a cargo carrier with your vehicle. Made with the combination of aluminum and steel, this product is sturdy yet lightweight. Coated with black powder, this hitch receiver offers superior protection from rust.

#2 The hitch has a unique design that keeps it hidden. The cross-tube stays concealed behind the rear bumper.

#3 It offers easy bolt-on installation without the need for drilling or welding. You can simply unbolt the receiver from the hitch to remove it.


This completely hidden, custom-fit hitch installs behind your Tesla Model 3’s rear bumper so that the cross tube is always out of sight. Receiver easily removes when not in use. Aluminum and steel alloy construction is durable and eco-friendly.


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