Black Upholstery, Carbon Fiber

(1 customer review) Price: $593.95 (as of 31/07/2020 15:45 PST- Details)

Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 It has an elegant and firm finish. It is designed to enhance the interior of your car.

#2 It is best suited Tesla Model S. The closed storage helps you compartmentalize, de-clutter, and organize your things and at the same time, prevents items from rolling about on the open floor

#3 It improves the efficiency of your console. It provides space for all your essentials, has cup holders, rubber stabilizing sleeve, and a phone caddie for your mobile.


✅Brought to you by the oldest and most trusted name in the Tesla ecosystem — EVANNEX Tesla Accessories.
✅Designed to match your upholstery and interior trim finish in your Tesla Model S.
✅Designed for Model S vehicles that did not come standard with a center console, the CCI provides covered storage for your items, an easy-to-reach cup holder with stepped diameter and rubber stabilizer sleeve to accommodate variable beverage sizes, and a universal phone caddie to store and charge your phone.
✅The CCI is the only console for the Tesla Model S that allows you to customize the trim finish and upholstery color to correspond to your Tesla Model S interior.
✅The CCI has a low profile in order to accommodate the open space feel of the Tesla Model S interior.

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1 review for Black Upholstery, Carbon Fiber

  1. Doug

    Looks very nice as the car looked incomplete with the large unused space where a console should be. Overpriced but very nice and well made.

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