Frunk Cooler For Tesla

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 The zipper top of this cooler hinges at the back allowing you to access it when it is in the frunk. Its outside zipper pocket is perfect to store can openers or any utensils. It also has a carry handle to make it easy to move from place to place.

#2 This product is fabricated from insulated materials to keep the items cold. It also has a leak-resistant liner to keep the frunk dry.

#3 This frunk cooler fits all Tesla Model 3 vehicles, Model X vehicles, and Model S (RWD) vehicles from 2012-2016.


With the EVANNEX Frunk Cooler, your Tesla Model 3 frunk can become a place to keep beverages and snacks cool while you tailgate, picnic, or camp. The EVANNEX Frunk Cooler is custom-fitted to your Model 3 frunk and is fabricated from insulated materials that keep it cold. It contains an outside zipper pocket for storing everything from can openers to utensils, and is lined with a leak resistant liner to keep your frunk dry. The EVANNEX Frunk Cooler has zipper closure, a side pocket for carrying utensils, and a carry handle and strap for moving your beverage or food items from place to place. The bag can be opened inside your frunk, which can serve as your “refrigerator” for any outside event.

1 review for Frunk Cooler For Tesla

  1. Sylvia

    This is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a cooler that folds up. I live about 15-20 miles away from the grocery store we go to and the race is always on to keep the frozen foods frozen. I placed the bags in, zipped it up, even stopped at Starbucks for a coffee, and when I got home the frozen foods were still frozen. Even the Mickey ice cream bars were still frozen. Highly recommend.

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