Door Seal Kit Self-Adhesive

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Here are the top 3 reasons to buy this product:

  • The front door seals are one-piece designed according to the shape, so you can stick the seal along the edge much easier. Do not cover the water drainage holes while installing, you can make a cut on the seal so it won’t cover the drains.
  • It is made of high-quality EPDM rubber which provides good heat and cold resistance. The operating temperature range of the seal strip is between —40 and 140°C (—40 and 230°F).
  • The door seal kit is a perfect fit for all models. It will enhance the tightness of the door, help reduce the wind noise, and improve air conditioner performance, thereby, providing a quiet driving environment.


Essential Accessories – The door seal kit is perfectly fit for Tesla Model 3 Model Y all model. It will enhance the tightness of the door, help reduce the wind noise, and improve air conditioner performance, provide a quiet driving environment. A must have accessory for Model 3 owner.
What’s Included – 6 small packages inside with each seal section properly labeled, including the front door *2, rear door *2, A pillar*2, B pillar*2. There is also several adhesive promoter pads that come in the bag to improve the adhesion.
Hight-quality Materials – Made of EPDM rubber. Flexible, waterproof, good heat and cold resistance. It has good flexibility and resistance to compression and deformation, and will not crack or deteriorate after long-term use. The operating temperature range of the seal strip should be between -40 and 140°C (-40 and 230° F)
Easy to Install – Clean the door edge with a neutral detergent and wait for drying. Then coat the edge with the adhesion promotor, follow the line of the edge to install the seal. At last, press hard to ensure that it can be installed securely. ***NOTE: Leave the holes in the down area of the doors open, otherwise water from the windows can’t leave the door.
Excellent Customer Service – Your ease and satisfaction are our top priorities. To provide a great shopping experience, our customer support team will stand by to help solve any problems you may have.

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3 reviews for Door Seal Kit Self-Adhesive

  1. Helen

    I bought this kit mainly to help keep dirt out of the door sills. This was easy and straightforward to install. I bought this because the road/wind noise on my Tesla was worse than my BMW 5 series. It was my only disappointment with the Tesla. I value silence when I enter and drive my vehicle. This simple modification has reduced noise markedly. It’s so much better! This really helped! Also, it looks professionally installed. Not cheap or unsightly.

  2. Manson Peters

    Pretty easy to install but take your time. The seals smell a little funny but it goes away once you let it sit for a while as the instructions ask you to. One thing to keep in mind when you install is that you do not want to put it too far out because otherwise, it will show on the outside. If you keep it mostly in the door, you can’t see the seal from the outside but still get the benefit. Find good YouTube instructional videos for directions and when installed correctly this is an excellent kit and I highly recommend this!

  3. Ryan Olsan

    This kit is a perfect fit for the Model 3. After installation there was a noticeable decrease in wind noise, especially at highway speeds. The Model 3 is quiet to begin with but it definitely made a difference! Very happy with product.

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