All Season Waterproof 3D Floor Liners

(5 customer reviews) Price: $129.97 $123.97 (as of 31/07/2020 15:47 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 HEA brings for you all-weathers waterproof 3D floor mats compatible with Tesla Model 3(2017,2018,2019). The front and back set of floor liners are black and come without a logo.

#2 Every company says their mats fit perfectly. The design is perfect and fits your car perfectly such that there will be no gaps, wrinkles, or shifting.

#3 The mats do not have any foul smell or ugly Logos on them. Even the most sensitive noses won’t have to drive the windows down.


✔️100% BUY BACK GUARANTEE: You are going to be impressed. If you don’t think these mats fit absolutely perfectly, protect fiercely and look stunning in every single corner, edge and surface, then we will buy them back from you, no questions asked. NOTE* Does not fit 2020 Model 3’s.
✔️BEST MATS, BETTER PRICE: Yup, we did it! We made the best fitting, performing and looking Tesla 3 mats available. We spent 9 months perfecting our 3D floor liners. HEA beat all competitors in side-by-side comparisons of fit, finish and durability, every single time. Not all mats are equal, everyone says their mats fit great, ours actually do! If gaps, wrinkles and shifting are ok with you then theirs will work, if you want perfection, HEA mats are your choice.
✔️THEY DON’T SMELL: They don’t have ugly logos on them, either. Right out of the box, and into your vehicle, our mats are odorless. No need to drive with the windows down. Tested safe for even the most sensitive noses.
✔️FUNCTIONAL & ECO-FRIENDLY: HEA floor mats are made with a unique process that bonds a highly durable Thermoplastic Elastomer surface with a cross-linked polyethylene center to provide a soft comfortable feel and durable attractive finish. Additionally, we utilize “Sure Grip Tech” P E T backing, so your floor mats won’t shift under your feet (not even a little bit). Our unique construction makes for an even quieter ride as the mats absorb road noise while providing comfort and grip under foot.
✔️LIFETIME WARRANTY: Every HEA Tesla Model 3 Floor Mat is backed by an industry leading LIFETIME warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we’ll buy them back from you. ZERO risk, we take it all, that’s how confident we are that you’ll love them.

5 reviews for All Season Waterproof 3D Floor Liners

  1. David Schuman

    Very lightweight and durable with the perfect fit for my Model 3

  2. Allen

    When I received it, it looks like a big one. Well, it fits like a glove. Not bent but flat and in perfect shape! I just installed it so I haven’t cleaned it yet. I’m sure it will hold up well.

  3. Adel

    These mats are outstanding quality, and they fit snugly and well in my Tesla Model 3. Fits perfectly and the material is awesome. It’s light and durable without any of the rubbery smell.

  4. Anna

    These mats are very high quality. There are no logos and the fact that they are a smooth surface instead of grooves/channels is going to make them much easier to clean when my kids spill something sticky. They are sleek and keep the sporty look of the car. Being lightweight is also a plus as opposed to some of the other bulky and heavy mats.

    I just got the car and did not want to wait for the 2020 version of the mats because I wanted to keep the car protected. I ordered these to see how they would fit after reading a bunch of reviews.

    Like the seller has stated, the dimensions of the 2020 are slightly different and these mats are not going to fit perfectly. The front mats do have slight gaps on the right side of each mat when pressure is put on them from a foot. Hardly noticeable and your floors will still be protected.

    As for the backseat mat, if you want to be able to tuck the mat under the front seat rails, and make sure it lies as flat as possible you will have to make a slight modification. Put the mat in the backseat and wedge it as far as you can under the center console. Push the rest of the mat down and you will notice it raising in different areas.

  5. Anderson

    Doesn’t smell any chemicals and looks like it came with my Tesla. Way cheaper than buying from the official store.

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