Armrest Storage Box+Cup Holder

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#1 Custom made armrest and storage box compatible with Tesla Model X / Model S (2016-2019). There are 2 kinds of integrated consoles available for Model S. Kindly make sure you have chosen the one which is compatible with your vehicle from the images that we have before the purchase

#2 Limited to the width of the Tesla console storage box, the cup holder can store a 21 oz water bottle. Additional storage space manages your wallet, sunglasses, pens, business cards, or phones is provided in the deep console storage. There is room for storage underneath also.

#3 The product is made of solid ABS material and the edge is very hard to break. High-quality silicon mats prevent things from rolling around and rattling and is easy to clean.


✅Custom-made armrest storage box for Tesla Model S /Model X 2016 2017 2018 2019.There are two kinds of integrated center console for Tesla Model S, please make sure that your center console looks as same as our pictures before purchase.
✅Limited to the width of the Tesla console storage box, the cup holder can only store 21 oz water bottle. Provides additional storage space to manage your wallet, sunglasses, pens, business cards or phones in factory roomy, deep console storage. Leaving room for storage underneath.
✅Made of solid ABS material, and the edge is thickened, which is not easy to break. High-quality silicone mats prevent things from rolling around and rattling and is easy to clean.
✅Two spring buttons allow you to cover only half of the storage boxes and retain the function of the cupholder. With a light pull, the storage box can also be completely closed.
✅The cup holder can store a large cup of Starbucks together with a small can of drink or two cylindrical bottles 21-ounce water. Package included 1 center console tray , 3 anti-slip mats.

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3 reviews for Armrest Storage Box+Cup Holder

  1. Roger

    It’s OK but not great. This is easy to install and the part for holding things like sunglasses is nice. The cup holders are not really practical. For most cups, I am likely to use are too large for these cup holders. You would not fit two cups from most drive-through restaurants or Starbucks.

  2. Dodel

    I like this insert a lot. I like the additional cup holders and the divided tray/organizer. Fits perfectly inside my Model X. The detents by the cup holder prevent the door from closing all the way and squishing your drink whist it sits in a cup holder.

    My only issue is that this insert doesn’t commit to its purpose – it allows you to leave stuff in the cabinet underneath itself, which can be argued is a good thing. The problem is that I don’t want to lift this unit to access the stuff underneath it. This is a similar issue I have with other inserts as well. I wish this insert would simply take over the entire console, down to the very bottom, using its dividers and such to create a more organized well that can store everything I currently have in the console, and never require me to lift out the insert to access anything beneath. Because this insert doesn’t go all the way down, tall things (like pens, flashlights, etc.) have to be laid horizontally in the well so that this insert can lay flat on top and do its job.

    Again, I like this insert a lot and plan on keeping and using it. It’s probably the best one out there, but it would have been nicer had they just taken over the entire well rather than go only 2/3 way down.

  3. Sawyer

    This is my second time buying one of these trays. I like to use them on my desk to organize supplies as well besides by Tesla. This one has 2 cup holders. I would have liked it if the unit fit snugged.

    Tip: Soften the rubber with hot water for an easier fit with a little soap or washing up liquid.

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