Tesla ‘T’ Rear Light


Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 This rear light is custom-made for Tesla Model S vehicles.

#2 It is modified in a way to provide a bright halo effect around the rear Tesla ‘T’ logo area. It is tied to the brake lights allowing it to illuminate brighter when you use the brakes.

#3 The subtle yet unique accent of this illumination adds an extra touch to the classy look of your vehicle.


This popular Tesla Model S aftermarket accessory, the Lighted T, is a subtle yet unique way for any Model S owner to add a bit of extra flair at the rear of the vehicle. This lighting modification, custom designed exclusively for the Tesla Model S, provides a lighted halo effect around the Tesla T logo area. The halo is tied to brake lighting, causing it to illuminate more intensely when the brakes lights illuminate. The Lighted T definitely adds a unique accent to the back of your model S, but does it in a tasteful and understated manner.


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