Tesla ‘T’ Paddle Light


Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 This puddle light is compatible with Tesla Models 3, S, and X. You can use it on any door of your car except for the Model X falcon-wing rear doors that do not have puddle lights.

#2 It comes in a set of two ‘T’ LED lights representing the Tesla logo. The package also includes a wedge tool to remove the factory light assemblies.

#3 The LED light upgrades the OEM puddle lights, illuminating the ground with the Tesla ‘T’ when you open the door, and not by the conventional puddle lights.


Every Tesla vehicle has Puddle Lights that shine downward from the front (Model 3, S, and X) and rear (Model 3 and S) doors. They illuminate the ground as you step out of the car night.  We’ve developed a cool way for you to use the puddle lights to accentuate your Tesla pride. The EVANNEX puddle light ‘T’ LED upgrade allows you to upgrade your OEM puddle lights so that when you open the car door at night, the ground will be illuminated, not by a puddle of light, but instead, by the Tesla T. All orders come with a special “Wedge Tool” to assist with removal of factory lighting assemblies.


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