Decals For Car Window And Doors


Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 These decals are made with 3M 1080 vinyl which is the best in the market. It fits every complex shape.

#2 You will get two sets in the package. One is fully weeded, thus ready to install. Another one needs to get peeled off to use. Along with that, you will also get some wipes.

#3 Every decal is precisely cut to provide the perfect finishing. The button decals are made over-sized to keep them fully covered and preventing the vinyl from coming out at the edges.


Our door control wraps allow you to cover the piano black factory finish on the door/window controls with vinyl; this enhances the look, protects the plastic, and dramatically reduces fingerprints. Match this with wraps for your Model 3 center consolesteering wheel and dash! You’ll also see our door release buttons in the video; you don’t need them, as this kit covers all the buttons, but they’re a great upgrade!


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