Cargo Cover for Pets

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 This cargo cover is custom-made for Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles. With the dimension of 52” x 40” x 18”, this cover perfectly covers your vehicle’s interior to keep it away from pet hair or any other residue.

#2 Made with high-quality polyester/nylon material, it only weighs 3 pounds. Its targetted padding design sheds water away.

#3 The material is black in color. The back seat flap of this cover has a handy pocket where you can store small items.


The EVANNEX Pet Cargo Cover provides excellent protection for your Tesla Model S or Model X trunk. The cargo cover is perfect for shedding pets, transport of cleaning supplies or paints, or hauling furniture and other loads which might cause a mess in your trunk. Made of a water resistant vinyl and nylon material, it keeps the trunk area dry and protects your interior carpeting. Simple installation makes it easy to set-up and breakdown in no time. The Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S and X are designed for easy fitment with adjustable hook and loop fastener flaps. 

1 review for Cargo Cover for Pets

  1. jame brant

    Fits perfectly in the back of my car and definitely needed for keeping out all dog hairs. Really love this product, I have been using it regularly for a couple of months and the fabric has held up great with beach trips. Definitely worth the purchase for durability and water resistance.

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