Rigid-Base Interior Organizer

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1   This is a removable trunk for your vehicle that can store groceries, travel accessories, gym equipment, and more.

#2   This black storage has a rigid base and a fold-flat design which makes the trunk not just sturdy but also flexible.

#3   The jerks while driving will not lead to any skids and slips of the materials in the trunk. This organizer is built with anti-slip properties.


Removable trunk organizer that’s ideal for groceries, travel accessories, gym equipment, and more
Features rigid base and fold-flat design for easy storage
Non-slip material prevents sliding during sudden stops or fast cornering
Moveable interior dividers, sturdy handles, and exterior mesh pockets add to convenience and storage options
Dimensions measure 38″ x 15″ x 7″, item is black in color

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1 review for Rigid-Base Interior Organizer

  1. Kay Watson

    The item came packaged very securely. I’m a fan so far, but I’ll have to see how it holds up to daily driving. I’ve been able to store my portable air compressor, a few road flares and some other emergency supplies in this and now I don’t have to worry about things flying around all over the place as I did in the past. Love it!

    This organizer is absolutely perfect. The rigid base means it stays in place, and it’s also very sturdy. I can easily pick it up and move it when full, in case I need to make room for hauling other things around. I didn’t realize at the time, but you can move the dividers anywhere you want, which is also very handy.

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