Two Bike Rack for Cars

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 This Bike rack is compatible with all kinds of bikes. The vacuum pumping suction cups ensure the firmness of the rack. The crank is fixed with high-intensity velcro, which could prevent pedals from getting damaged on the roof of the cars.

#2 It is extremely light and does not take up much space. You can easily store it anywhere, which means it is extremely portable.

#3 It is best suited for long traveling. The suction cups can simply be attacked by the car. They have the potential to handle even the heaviest bikes.


Bike Capacity: 2 (up to 45lb each)
Compatibility: universal
Recommended Use: travel

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1 review for Two Bike Rack for Cars

  1. Douglas

    Holds really well. There are plenty of videos out there to walk you through how to mount it. I highly stand by this product and prefer using it rather than permanently attached bike racks since my wife and I are not committed to just using only one car to transport our bikes. Takes a little bit of nerves to get it attached and test it out, but it works great! Creates a bit of wind noise on the inside, as one would expect, but acceptable.

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