Single Bike Rack for Cars

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 It is extremely durable yet very light which makes it all the more compatible with any and every car. Because of its less weight, it is less likely to cause any damage to your car.

#2 It is well tested before being launched. Furthermore, it is ideal for all kinds of bikes, even bikes for pro cycling.

#3 It is compact and weighs only 6lbs. This makes it all the more portable. You can stuff it in backpacks, carry ones, or even bike bags.


ANY CAR. ANY PLACE. ANY TIME. The SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack is MANUFACTURED in the USA so you don’t have to worry about durability or safety. The Vacuum Mounts NEVER damage the car and it’s 3X lighter than most hitch racks.
THE ONLY AMERICAN-MADE RACK AT THE TOUR DE FRANCE. The SeaSucker rack has been TESTED at the toughest races and most physically gruelling courses. We have carried well over $250,000 worth of bikes for pro cycling teams in the world. DO IT LIKE THE PROS
YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE IS READY – Our racks are the only TRAVEL-FRIENDLY bike racks for cars because THEY FIT in a backpack, carry-on, or bike bag. The Talon ONLY WEIGHS 6 lbs, unlike the other +50 lbs racks and it mounts on ANY rental car.
TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TALON. Each one of the four SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts is PULL RATED at over 210 lbs so your road or mountain bike is in SAFE HANDS. You can install them within SECONDS with minimal work and they work on the widest range of cars.
FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. All racks are HAND-MADE and our US-Based support will help with any questions. Add one of the SeaSucker racks to cart and if you aren’t 110% satisfied with your bike rack, we will refund your purchase OR replace your rack.

2 reviews for Single Bike Rack for Cars

  1. Christian

    This is amazing! So easy to use, does not leave any residue or marking or my rear window, and is so tiny and easy to transport. I’m a travel nurse and so ALL of my stuff and my wife’s stuff needs to fit in my Model 3. That’s no easy task, but this bike rack is PERFECT for anyone who needs to transport a bike and doesn’t have a ton of space for a regular bike rack.
    A few notes on installation. Be really meticulous about cleaning the cups and the car. I always keep microfiber cloths in the trunk and dampen with water and clean all the car surfaces and do the same on the cups. I’ve never lost suction when doing this. It also protects the painted surfaces from being damaged.

  2. Jessica Hare

    This is an amazing bicycle rack for vehicles that were never intended to move a bicycle like the 350z. I bought this bicycle rack so I could go with my street bicycle. I will concede that I was a little apprehensive however subsequent to going more than 1500 miles with speeds up to 75mph with no issues, I can all-out trust this bicycle rack.

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