Nonslip Heavy Duty Rubber Mat

Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 This set of non-slip, heavy-duty floor mats is meant the driver, passenger, and back seat of a Tesla Model 3.

#2 The mats are designed in the USA using a computerized system to ensure a perfect fit for your car. The look and feel of the mats are aesthetic and beautiful.

#3 The mats are made using 800 GSM cloth which ensures soft touch and All-Weather immunity. Free wash clothes are provided with the set. The quality of the mats reflects are trust in Elon musk.


Tesla Model 3 Accessory Floor Mat Black/Red and FREE WASH CLOTH. We designed the Model 3 Floor Mat for Aesthetic look and Feel. Your eyes will appreciate It’s beauty.
In Elon Musk We Trust. We designed the Floor Mat in the USA to make the Aesthetic as beautiful as the Car itself using computerized cutting system.
The Floor Mat is Weather-Proof, Non-Slip and It comes with Soft Cloth Designed to make Anti-Scratch. We’re using 800 GSM cloth, which means, it will be super soft.
Size and Weight: The Size is designed and customized to fit the Tesla Model 3 to the best approximation. The Floor Mat will be Heavy to include Anti-Slip Feature
Customer Service: We guarantee 100% Money Return, if you don’t like the Floor Mat. Just reach out to us.


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