Wireless Phone Charging Dock Center

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 The wireless center console charging dock is custom made for your Tesla 3. The charger pad fits into the vehicle seamlessly and gives a factory look.

#2 The charging pad uses both USB ports. The 2 USB splitter included in the package is to connect to a Dashcam or USB Audio. Both Android and iPhone can be charged in the port. Two phones simultaneously can be charged and still you will receive a great output of 10W.

#3 The installation is super easy for the charging port. No additional tools are required for its mounting. The LED enabled signal notifies the battery levels while charging. Also, the charging stops when the Tesla is off.


Custom-designed: The Center console Wireless Phone Charger Pad has been custom-cut specifically for model 3. Seamlessly integrates into your Model 3 for a complete factory look. Fit all Tesla Model 3 Vehicles
Dual USB & PHONES Port: Uses both USB ports, with two USB splitter included to enable connect of a Dashcam, USB audio, and an additional powered USB port. Compatible with all iPhone and Android Qi wireless charging enabled phones, support charge two phones simultaneously with the maximum output of 10 watt for each side.
Easy to Install: Easy installation and use, no tools or expertise required, LED lights to indicate the charging status, automatically shut down when Tesla is off
Support one side (left or right) working mode, the other side as phone rest area in case wireless charging not needed, support only 1 USB input, useful for Tesla V9 update or reserve a USB port for dash cam, charge only 1 phone by 1 USB input, charge 2 phones simultaneously by 2 USB input, support mix input, 1 Model 3 front USB + 1 power bank USB input
Essential Accessories: Great Accessories for your Tesla Model 3. Anti-slip design to prevent your phone from falling out while driving, even accelerating. A thinner lip at the bottom to avoid your phone falling off and allows more room, especially cell phones, such as iPhone XS MAX.

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  1. Ryan

    Works absolutely fine. Easy to install and good instructions. Best part is its fast charge and 2 phones can be charged easily. It also comes with usb extension so one port can be used for usb for tesla cam and one port can have these 2 chargers.

    Now me and my wife can charge phones together…. sweet.. 🙂

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