Steering Wheel Wrap (Matrix Black)

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1   The steering wheel is powered by an automotive-grade 3M 1080 material. It is best to clean the dirt of the vinyl using Baby wipes or Clorox wipes.

#2   The steering wheel adds to the luxurious interiors of the car. The carbon fiber is more shiny than matte.

#3  The steering wheel’s design matches the center console wrap. The console wrap is sold separately. The instructions are included in the package and if followed is quite easy to get it done.


Made with automotive grade 3M 1080 Material
Stylize the steering wheel to make the interior feel more luxurious
Matches with the center console wrap (sold separately)
Fits all Model 3

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1 review for Steering Wheel Wrap (Matrix Black)

  1. Carol

    I like the product looks so good in my model 3. The steering wheel needed something to dress it up a bit and these, being stickers, really have no long term consequences. Arrived quickly and completely match the interior white – flat and non-reflective. It’s a little tricky putting them on (Tesla decided to use extremely thin slots for the arrow lights on either side of the steering wheel buttons) but once lined up it looks awesome. Tesla should have seriously made the car this way.

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