Upgraded Sound System For Tesla


Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 This 10” subwoofer has dual voice coils with 4 ohms impedance for each of them. It is mechanized to enhance the factory sound system quality.

#2 The sleek sealed enclosure of this sound system is custom-designed for the Tesla Model S vehicles.

#3 The foam surrounding of this woofer and the sensitivity of 83dB with 20-220 Hz frequency response, brings music to life.


If you’re like many Model S owners, you want the ultimate in sound with a richer, deeper music-listening experience. To enhance the factory sound system, check out the NVX B.O.O.S.T Series Bass Package—a powerful 10″ VC series subwoofer delivered in a sleek sealed enclosure that has been custom-designed exclusively for use in the Tesla Model S, an NVX BDA7501 monoblock amplifier, a 100% OFC amp kit, and Audio Control LC2i premium line-out converter. The NVX B.O.O.S.T Series Bass Package comes with everything you need to bring your music to life. Note: this package is compatible with all configurations of the Model S.


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