Genuine Slipstream Bracket

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 This USA designed product offers is made up of durable powder coating. The exclusive thermally applied protective pads can endure all weather and temperature conditions.

#2 The brackets are laser cut and have no sharp edges. It can be installed easily in just a few minutes and can also be quickly removed for car washes.

#3 Any bumping is not going to break the fins. The product has built-in stress relief channels that prevent damage to the fins. It weighs 1.5 pounds.


Patent: COMPARE to cheaper imported knock-off’s, this original USA designed and built Slipstream Bracket offers much higher quality materials, more durable powder coating and exclusive thermally applied protective pads (not just foam stickers) designed to endure all weather and temperature conditions.
NO product assembly required. Only the USA version Slipstream Bracket comes to you fully assembled with very specific product specifications (within .001” tolerance) to provide the absolute maximum level of protection to your Tesla grille and bumper. Simply insert 6 security screws into the clean threads provided and your done!
Each Slipstream Bracket is laser cut and hand sanded, one at a time, by the actual product inventors, to guarantee NO sharp edges to get cut or snagged on. The super-clean edges also provide superior power coat adhesion along the corners and edges.
High-end industrial strength powder coat finish (phosphate prep, thicker application and high fusion temp) provides the best appearance and is FAR MORE DURABLE at preventing road rash chipping and/or peeling along the edges – even after 100,000 miles of harsh driving conditions.
Tested and guaranteed to work flawlessly with Autopilot. Installs easily in just a few minutes and can be quickly removed for brush/touch type car washes. Includes an exclusive security pin tool and quality stainless steel locking fasteners (not cheap hex head screws) to keep the Slipstream Bracket locked securely in place.

1 review for Genuine Slipstream Bracket

  1. Nguyen

    Been using this for almost 2 months and I love it. I installed this in 3 minutes and it requires absolutely no modification to the car. I was worried about how sturdy it would be and if it would affect the autopilot. Auto Pilot works 100% with no problems and this thing isn’t going anywhere. I also assumed it would damage the car if it was truly as sturdy as it should be. This too is not the case. I can’t recommend this enough. You can remove it in a couple minutes if you don’t need it and reinstall it just as quickly. It does not contact the front bumper, only the little grill on the bottom front which is plenty strong.

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