Dry Carbon Black Vinyl Wrap

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Here are our top 3 reasons:

#1 The decal sheet from the XPO range is an experience in itself. The sheets are not only used for external paints but also for various internal applications.

#2 The decal sheet is made up of polysol cast mixture. The film thus lasts for about 5-6 years.

#3 The Centerpoint technology by the XPO adhesives is cultivated for great repositioning abilities and removal of air bubbles. It is also supported by an air release liner which makes the vinyl wrap one of the best.


✅Experience the new XPO series carbon for Exterior paint applications. Also suitable for interior applications.
✅VVIVID XPO films are made using a polysol cast mixture. The film is rated to last 5-6 years. The XPO adhesive showcases the new centerpoint technology developed to give the film easy installation with bubble/air removal. The new Air release liner also makes XPO films one of the most reliable vinyl on the market.
✅This Film is Marine safe, may be used on interior and exterior parts. Suitable for architectural applications like desks, cabinets etc..
✅Every roll is shipped in a strong CORE TUBE to limit the damage. Make sure the product you receive has the VVIVID logo on the paper backing to ensure authenticity.

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1 review for Dry Carbon Black Vinyl Wrap

  1. Chinny

    I used this wrap on my Tesla Model 3 to cover the wood-style dash piece and the center compartment. Initially, I used a generic precut kit, but the wrap was difficult to work with and started peeling/lifting after a couple of weeks. After switching to vivid, the installation was a lot easier and has held up for months. I expect it to last for a while as there has not been any sign of issues.

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