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The Top 3 Essential Tesla Car Aftermarket Accessories for 2020

We all know that Tesla was founded by an ambitious group of engineers who earnestly believed that they could build cars that could run on pure electrical propulsion technology, and those would just be as good or even better than all the existing models of premium cars currently running on fossil fuels.

They were convinced that good quality, high-performance electric vehicles could be built, without compromising on either the performance or on-road driving experience.

The pioneers at Tesla wanted to build new-age vehicles of the future that would run not on the environment ruining fossil fuels but on energy sourced from solar, wind, and other sustainable natural sources, stored in rechargeable batteries and used to power their range of vehicles.

That belief and confidence have at long last paid off, and they have managed to build an automotive powerhouse.

It not only builds cars but Powerbanks and solar panels, which has not only challenged the traditional gasoline guzzling motor vehicle manufacturers but forced them to rethink their plans and belatedly jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon.

While other manufacturers were trying to make smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles; trying to woo customers with their budget prices and deals, promising them more mileage per gallon of gasoline, Tesla was delivering on their promise to produce better designed, electric propulsion cars.

These outperformed in all standard parameters in comparison to the existing gasoline guzzling Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

Tesla cars are the icons of the industry now; they now set the design standards, control the technology and they have hastened the pace of innovation and development in the automotive industry with their range of high-performance electric cars. People no more talk about electric cars in the future; for Tesla, the future is here, the future is today.

But we are aware that good technology and innovative quality do not come cheap, and only those who have the means, and others who in all sincerity wants to protect the environment are investing in Tesla’s vehicles of the future.

Therefore, when one buys a well- designed and relatively expensive electric car, they must be cautious about the accessories they buy which always will be associated with the iconic brand.  Not all car accessories sold today would be a fit or be appropriate for Tesla’s range of futuristic electric motor vehicles.

The accessories should match the quality standards set by the trailblazing company. The Tesla vehicle owners would need the best in terms of design, type of material, and performance to evenly match their incredible machine.

The car owners when buying Tesla accessories need to take into consideration the following factors before investing in aftermarket accessories:



When a person has paid premium dollars for a futuristic machine, they would never compromise on the quality of the accessory they add to the vehicle or buy any associated accessory that does not live up to the style and quality of the vehicle. One has to note the quality grade of the raw materials used to make the accessory to its safeness during lifetime use. The accessory material should be harmless to humans, as well as the environment. It should be made of a material that passes all requisite quality and safety parameters including fireproofing standards.


When one attaches an aftermarket or a third-party accessory, they would like it to match the basic design of the vehicle. Tesla takes a lot of pride in its design process and the accessories must live up to the company’s high standards. People generally buy accessories that can be installed in all the models currently in the marketplace.

Ease of Installation and Use

Since Tesla doesn’t sell its vehicles through dealerships and has a limited number of service stations, every accessory should be designed for ease of installation and use. Accessories should be so designed; it can be easy to install without the need for technical support.


Since Tesla doesn’t trust or believe in old outdated technology, they would expect their customers to choose accessories that reflect their core vision. Buyers would prefer to choose accessories and accessories makers who believe in the design and performance vision of Tesla.


The most important criteria an aftermarket Tesla accessory should qualify for is its performance. As the sturdy and robust Tesla vehicles, the accessories should also stand the test of time. It should function better and last longer than the other generic accessories sold in the market. The reputation of the company and the brand Tesla hinges not only on the performance of the engine and chassis but also the accessories associated with the vehicle.

The top 3 Tesla aftermarket accessories that optimally satisfies above parameters and conditions are:

1. Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger

Why deal with messy wired chargers when you are driving a car from the future. This charger has been designed to keep the end customer in mind. One has to just lay any Qi-enabled phone on the console tray to charge their device wirelessly.

Tesla Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger

The wireless phone chargers are unique and differ from the traditional chargers because it offers the following features:

Non-slip Silicone Surface: One can drive at any speed and never be worried about dropping and damaging the phone or charging device, when placed on the custom-designed non-slip surface the phone charger provides. The silicone surface provides great functionality while enhancing the aesthetics of the car interior. A futuristic machine that has a touchscreen console for a dashboard would need an innovative wireless charger.

Easy Installation Process: The only requirement for the device to have access to the wireless charger is that it should be a Qi-enabled device. The charger can be easily installed by a layman, with no technical expertise needed.

Safe and Secure Charging Process: The wireless charger uses the Qi charging process– an open industry standard, ensuring a secure and safe process compatible with any device in their technology ecosystem. The process of induction charging is safe; no fear of damaging the device from the sudden fluctuation of voltage. The technology of wireless charging uses a process called Magnetic induction that happens between the transmitter coil in the smart charging pad and the receiver coil pre-installed in all the Qi-enabled smart devices. It uses the magnetic field generated by the interaction of the transmission coil with the receiver coil to induce a voltage during the charging process.

Popular Models of Phones Currently Qi-enabled: It would be ideal to check the instructions of the Smartphone one uses, to see the Qi wireless charger compatibility, but the following popular Smartphone devices are already known to be Qi-enabled: Apple iPhone 8 or later, Samsung Galaxy: Note5, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, S7, S7 edge, Note8, S8, S8+, Note9, S9, S9+.

Provides Sufficient Power to Charge Multiple Devices: Each wireless dock when in use provides a maximum of 5 Watts of wireless charging power which could be sufficient to power multiple devices like two Smartphones, a Qi-enabled wearable tech device or a tablet. It can even power devices in a cover or casing provided the covers are non-metallic and not very thick. 

The device of any Size: The non-slip wireless docking pad provides enough power to charge multiple devices and provides enough space to hold two Smartphones of different sizes and dimensions.

Support Accessories Provided: The wireless charger set comes with the following: (1)  USB-A cables- The docking pad is powered by USB-A cable which can be plugged into the car’s front console, (2) Silicone charging pad- can hold up to two Smartphones, (3) A custom Decor bar.

2. Model 3 Car Armrest Console Organizer Tray

The one thing a car owner is frustrated about is organizing their important personal accessories like keys, wallets, coins, phones, watches, and other small items that can easily misplaced and even get damaged inside the car. The armrest console organizer tray provides a secondary storage solution for a car owner. The armrest console tray has been designed specifically to fit the Model 3. It fits all the models – 2107, 2018, 2019- vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Car Armrest Console Organizer Tray

It provides a definite Tesla customization and the advantages it provides that qualifies it as an essential car accessory are many:

Ease of Installation: The armrest tray and glove box have been designed taking into consideration the interior dimensions of the Model 3. It can be easily installed without the need for a trained technician. One just needs to open the original packaging and follow the instruction to fix and install the console tray.

Innovative Design: The armrest console and tray have an innovative design. It is compartmentalized to hold multiple items to avoid the cluttering of multiple items. It is designed to hold slightly larger personal accessories like sunglasses, USB adapters, custom business card holders, napkins, and more. Other than the surface storage space, it has a deep hidden compartment to store larger accessories.

Product Material Quality: The armrest tray is made using superior quality ABS plastic and it is lined with patterned rubber liners. The base of the tray comes with easily removable and replaceable rubber base tray liners to keep the items clean and organized. The color and quality of the material match the interior of the car. The accessories come in different colors to suit the interior of the car. It does not give off any unpleasant odors as any low-quality rubber accessories would.

3. Charging Cable Holder Organizer and Wall Connector

Storing the charging cable can be a messy affair when it is not in use. One can easily damage the critical original-equipment Tesla charger if not handled and stored with care. One needs a simple but effective management system to store the cable when not in use, which even provides a convenient permanent charging station when in use.


The cable holder is a simple but ingenious way to store and hold the charging cable and can be qualified one of the best among the top Tesla model S accessories. One can coil the power charger cable to the unit when the charging accessory is not in use and uncoil it easily when needed. The charging cable would look neat when coiled around the strong and stable cable holder. The charging cable holder and wall connector have the following unique characteristics:

Simple Installation Process: The complete unit can be installed easily without an expert’s help. With no extra moving parts, it just takes two standard screws, or strong glue to secure it to a charging station or the garage wall. The whole process would not take more than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Safe and Secure: The charging cable holder or the charger wall connector is a far better option than just hanging the cable on an unsecured wall hook. It keeps the cable up and away from the floor which protects it from accidental damage. The holder and wall connector can hold up to 30 Kg of cable weight.

Superior Quality Material: The unit of the charging cable organizer and wall holder is made from superior quality ABS plastic. It feels and looks like an accessory that matches the car in its design, strength, and performance. The high-grade plastic material has passed the fireproof grade test assuring maximum safety and security.

Design and Look: The charging cable holder is both attractive and reasonably priced for its functionality and design. It is designed to be mounted on a 1/2-inch pipe, it can be fixed with screws or even glued to any sturdy garage wall. The contours on the charging cable holder match the design contours of the Tesla. The unit is designed to hold chargers of all the current car models made by Tesla.

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