Top 10 Model Y Accessories

Tesla motors have always tried to redefine your car driving experience to a large extent. Be it their vision to manufacture only electric cars, which are better for the environment or the automation in their cars that are going to make you feel no less than James Bond.

The car manufacturing firm has always prioritized quality and safety which could be seen in most of their cars, including Tesla Model Y. Model Y is not just a car, but a personification of quality and power. The car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds. It has long-range battery life, making it a great companion for long trips.

The car looks amazing from the outside, and the luxurious interior would always make you skip a beat. However, there is always a chance of improvement, even in the most majestic of creations.

The Tesla Model Y could fit in many accessories that could help increase the functionality of the car and make it look better. There are some must-have accessories that you ought to add to your Model Y if you haven’t done already.

These accessories will help you to get improved functionality, better safety, comfort, and unparalleled looks for your vehicle. Below are some accessories you should add to your Model Y. You might get the perfect replacement for your OEM floor mats. Now, read the list below to pick for yourself some of the necessary accessories for Tesla Model Y.

Floor mats

Floor mats are the first thing that you notice in a car when you get in it. However, the original floor mats of model Y do not do justice to the amazing car and hence, need to be changed. Premium floor mats, however, are going to provide you not only premium aesthetics but also practicality. The best thing about installing floor mats is that you can install them all by yourself, cutting down some cost.

The product is waterproof and highly durable, making it a choice for all weather. The material is also odorless and easy to clean.

A good floor mat would be sturdy and would be needing low maintenance. These floor mats will have world-class durability, providing you a sustainable matting option for your car. The carbon flooring which is furnished with weave design would help in keeping everything off the carpet by capturing every particle of mud and dust.

The mats are not a single layer of material, but four high-end layers that are combined to make it look as one with the help of hot press technology. The four layers that make the product are,

-> Textilene is the first layer of the fabric that is used to provide visual enhancement to the product.

-> The second layer is made up of TRP, which is necessary to provide waterproofing to the product, and it also makes it fire retardant.

-> With nylon fibers as the third layer, you get an adequate amount of cushioning for improved comfort.

-> Anti-skid material encompasses the last layer.

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are the new cool. These wheels are extra strong and sustainable. The alloy is lightweight and does not add to the weight of the car, making it move slowly, but makes it lighter and enables it to reach high speeds faster. Not only this means that your car is going to get faster acceleration, but this also means that you are going to stop faster. This is a great feature to have in case any unwanted situation arises.

These wheels are also capable of dissipating heat better than their steel counterparts. They are going to be lighter on the suspension and tires. This means that you are not only getting faster speeds in a quicker time but your vehicle’s life is also getting increased with the help of these wheels. You also get rim colors in these wheels which you could use to make your car look more stylish.

Model Y Center Console Kit

The design of the armrest box in the center console is of great design. The product fits perfectly in your car and would not hinder opening the central console. You could use the box to keep your belongings in it without letting them distract you while you are driving. You could also use a coffee mug holder in the center console which would be a step further in increasing the functionality of the product.


The USB hub is going to fit properly in your Tesla Model Y. You would be able to use the product to charge your devices and share data. Using media on your device has never been easier. The transfer speed is also good.

The product is perfectly compatible with your Model Y and takes a little space. The product blends in with the interior of the car, making it look like it was present before you have purchased the car.

Model Y Puddle Lights

Puddle lights are a good choice for your Model Y. These lights have been a huge success and people all over the world are loving it. These puddle lights are going to save your shoes from drowning in a puddle which might be present next to the door of your car.

The lights illuminate the ground when you open the doors, helping you see what is present on the ground. The LED lights are backed by an unbelievable lifetime warranty. With super bright lights, these puddle lights become a great accessory for your model Y. You also get customised illumination with your puddle lights. You can get them in a plethora of shapes, adding a sense of style and luxury even to this subtle part of the car.

Model Y Screen Protector

The screen protector kit is going to provide holistic protection to your screen, your center console, and would also come with stickers for your doors. The screen protector would give a premium feel and you would save the screen of your Model Y from any scratches, dust particles, or debris. The protector is very thin, which would make you feel that it is not even present there.

The carbon fiber material of the center console wrap would give a luxury touch to the car and make your interior look premium. You would get an installation manual that would help you install the wrap and the screen protector without any errors. The installation would be bubble-free, providing a smooth finish to it.

Wireless Charger Car Mount

The technologies are integrating to form a well-functioned system to provide a splendid user experience. Tesla has recognized this and has provided a wireless charger car mount as an accessory to model Y. The dock would provide fast wireless charging to your devices. Besides charging your phone, the products double up as a phone mount for your device. With the phone mount, you would perform GPS navigation with ease, making it easy and safe for you to drive.

The product would blend in with the dashboard of the car, giving it a great look. It is sturdy; therefore, it would serve you for a long time. The product is capable of 360-degree rotation increasing the functionality of the device making the phone usable in the landscape position too. It is also furnished with solar batteries, which allows it not to use the charging portal given down below the dashboard when necessary. With sundries of functionality, the product is still easy to install in your car.

Door seal kit

The door seal kit would make your car soundproof. It would also protect your car from any trespassing insect or reptile which could be seen sometimes in your car. The seals will fit perfectly in your car door, making it cancel any outside noises. The noises from outside your car would not be pestering you and the music from your car would also be not going out, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

The material used in making the product would not only be flexible making it expandable but it would be waterproof and heat resistant, making it a sustainable product. If you want to install it, all you need to do is peel the protective layer from the product and then press it against the door surface where you need it.

“Door open” button label sticker set

The Door Open button label stickers are a must for you, as they provide extra protection by letting the passengers know that the doors are opened and they should close it. The kit comes with identical stickers, making them look as if they have come in default with the car.

The people who are not familiar with Model Y are not able to open or close the door instead of going to the door button. These stickers would, however, solve this problem by providing an easy illustration for opening the door. Besides this, a warning label would add an extra step of caution with the warning for putting the manual door level.

Cleaning kit

A beautiful car won’t remain that attractive if you are not paying proper attention to its cleaning. You need a good cleaning kit for your Model Y to make it clean. A car with no speck of dust will always make you skip a beat.

Good cleaning cloth with tire brush and the cleaning liquid is perhaps a necessity. The cleaning cloth is made up of microfibres which allows it to clean even the minutest particle of dust from the surface of your car. The cleaning liquid is capable of removing the most adamant of stains from the body of your car without damaging the paint and texture of your car. The tough bristles of the tire brush would ensure that your car tires and rims are always clean. Perform cleaning of your vehicle at regular intervals to get the best results.

The above-mentioned list of Model Y accessories is quite essential for everyone. These not only make your car look good but increases the functionalities of the car and make it more modernistic compared to other cars. So, what are you waiting for? Get these amazing accessories for your car today.

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